Available for training workshops on collecting and analyzing storytelling data to find aggregate trends, strategic use of data and data audits, creating impact KPIs and metric systems for donors, nonprofits and corporates, gender lens investing and grantmaking, integrating gender lens and analysis in programming, participatory action research, crash course in data analysis for grantmakers and nonprofits, qualitative and mixed method analysis, or custom training. 


  • Structuring your Grantmaking Data for Analysis and Visualization: Tips and Tricks (Webinar, 1 hour or In-person workshop for exercises, 2 hours)
  • Conducting a data audit (Webinar, 1 hour, or ½ a day in person)
  • Setting up your Strategic Learning Framework: Identifying strategic questions and metrics that matter (In-person workshop, ½ day or full day)
  • Building a Story Database for Communications and Marketing (Webinar, 1 hour)
  • Getting More out of your Stories: Building a rigorous story database for outcomes analysis (In-person workshop, 3 hours to 2 days)
  • Getting More out of your Grantee Report Data: Crash course on qualitative data analysis for outcome assessment (In-person workshop, 1-2 days)

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